Mob Aero Jock Green Dye S from Male Basics Underwear. Looking for the perfect size of underwear that gives you a hint of individuality with a variety of fun patterns to add to your boring old fashioned closet. It clings on to your body perfectly, defining your body at just the right places. Soft premium fabric gives you an itch free experience and is of the perfect length to not give you any rashes at your thigh ends. Perfect to be worn under all types of clothing without the fear of fabric riding up or showing up peeking at the ends. The sweat wicking technology helps get rid of any extra moisture produced and keep you dry and cool throughout the day. A chaft free experience with the perfect length, will give the confidence and motivation to carry out with your day. A peek-a-poo bum exposure from the behind is a fun way of expressing your fun side and adding a little tease to your wear. Fabric: Turquia. Colors/Pattern: Banana, GreenTye Dye, Orange Dye, Polka Dots. Materials Polyester, Spandex. Waistband. Partially exposed behind. Comfortable feel. Care: for best long term appearance retention, avoid high temperature washing or drying. Wash separately from rough items that could damage fibers -zippers, buttons. Size men with waist 30 inches to 32 inches.


Barcode: 677355463653